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Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Pakistan (SOGP):

The Society of Obstetricians & Gynecologists of Pakistan (SOGP) is the oldest specialist professional body gynecologists and health professionals working on women’s health in Pakistan. Its foundations were laid in March 1957 when Prof. H. Dewattleville, President of International Federation of Gynecology & Obstetrics (FIGO) visited Karachi.

pma-logoPakistan Medical Association (PMA):

Pakistan Medical Association is a professional association of doctors who are working on the improvement of medical services in the country, improvement of medical education and rights of medical professionals in the Country. Being patient’s friendly organization, it always highlighted the public health related issues on different forums like press conferences, awareness raising seminars, organizing marathon and other public participation programs, talk shows and group discussions with key stake holders including journalists, civil society representatives, opinion leaders, government officials and parliamentarians.

koohi-goth-logoKoohi Goth Hospital:

Koohi Goth Hospital is a charitable hospital working under the management of Zafar & Atia Foundation Charitable Trust, providing free treatment mainly to those who suffer from obstetric fistulae. Koohi Goth Hospital is a first of its kind making effort to improve the health of women & Children of remote & underprivileged areas of Pakistan. The Koohi Goth Hospital also arranges several free medical camps for the poor people. The services provided include free consultation, medications and surgeries as welfare.

Azims-logoAbu Zafar Institute of Medical Sciences (AZIMS)

Abu Zafar Institute of Medical Sciences (AZIMS) is a training institute working under the management of Zafar & Atia Foundation Charitable Trust, whose mission is to update knowledge and develop skills of health care providers for the provision of quality health care services at community level.



National Health Forum:

National Health Forum is non for profit organization whose mission is to help indigent population through charity gifts and working with other Charitable Organizations.




Hesperian Health Guides:

Hesperian Health Guides is a nonprofit health information and health education source that supports individuals and communities in their struggles to realize the right to health. They develop easy to read materials that are produced in many languages.