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Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health (PNFWH)


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Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health (PNFWH) is a nonprofit organization came into existence initially as slide5National Advocacy Forum in November 1997 with prime objectives of…

* Mobilizing political support for women’s health.
* Setting up technical resources for essential and emergency obstetrical care.
* Increasing awareness of fundamental, social and cultural causes of maternal death.

After 5 years of its existence and experience in field, this forum converted into an organization through expanding its activities from advocacy to action regarding women reproductive health and right.

The Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health is a registered body (since 2005) under the Societies Rekoohi-goth-hospitalgistration Act, 1860.

The Activities

From its inception in 1997, the Forum carried out a range of activities to further its objectives as mentioned below:


• Advocacy meetings/ seminars and workshops on maternal health issues for:

o Doctors, Gynaecologists, Family Physicians, Anaesthetists, Public Health Consultants, Paediatricians

o Midwives, Nurses, Paramedics and skilled health workers

o Teachers/University faculty

o Lawyers and Journalists

o NGO works in health sector

o Women Organizations and General Public


• Declamation contest for students on maternal mortality and morbidity in:

o Girls Colleges

o Schools

o Universities

o Medical Colleges


• Painting competition and exhibition on Violence Against Women.


• Meeting with Ulema and Imams of Mosques to highlight the women health issues in masses.


• Joint Meeting with Anesthesia Society of Pakistan to develop protocol for anesthesia practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology.


• Organized first Midwifery Conference to create awareness regarding midwives and their role in society.


• Seminar and workshops against torture and violence against women in all provinces of   Pakistan at:

o Medical Colleges

o Universities

o Bar Councils


• Printing, translation of books into local languages:

1. Midwife ki darsi kitab– Urdu translation

2. Jahan aurtoon key liyey doctor na ho – Urdu & Sindhi translation

3. Jahan Doctor na ho– Urdu & Sindhi translation

4. Hamal aur us ki peychidgiyan – Urdu translation

5. Aurtoon ki sehat ki kitab – Urdu and Sindhi

6. Cheekhain – A booklet for general public

7. Management of PIH and Eclampsia

8. HIV and Hepatitis B in pregnancy

9. EmOC for General Practitioners

10. Asaan midwifery – Urdu & Sindhi Translation

11. Midwifery Ba-Tasveer – Urdu & Sindhi Translation

12. Infection Say Bachao – Urdu Translation

13. Zachgi ke hangami Dekhbhaal- Urdu Translation

14. Nursing ke tadress kae amli Tarekae- Urdu Translation

15. Nursing ke tadress kae baehtar Tarekae- Urdu Translation

16. Mahzoor Auratoon ki sehat ki kitab- Urdu Translation

17. Sehat Karkon Kesae sekhaen kesae sikhaen- Urdu Translation

18. Medical Dictionary for Nurses and Midwives

19. Rahnuma Ketab baray Medical Techicians

20. Vagina Examination Booklet

21. Nurse Midwives Magazine


• Distribution of IEC material among women, children and people of all ages:

o Pamphlet on maternal death

o Pamphlet on women health status

o Sticker containing messages

o Badges containing messages

o Leaflet pamphlet on Fistula

o A 11 minutes documentary about women with VVF and RVF

o 2 minutes public message on TV regarding maternal care and its complications

o Participation in different talk shows on TV maternal health and women right


• Printing special edition of Medical Spectrum (every December) on Women’s Health, Violence against women, Women’s Right issues and Fistula etc.

• Surgical camps:

PNFW is actively involved in organizing number of out each surgical camps in all parts of country. In these surgical camps patients were treated with Prolapsed Uterus, VVF, RVF and tubal ligations. In last sixteen years we have organized more than 80 camps and operated poor patients.

• Competency Based Training for Doctors and Midwives

• Appreciative Inquiry in hospitals in collaboration with UNICEF

• 1st Nursing And Midwifery Symposium

• Laparoscopic Surgical Training workshop

• 1st National Conference for Paramedics

Projects Overview

S.No Project Name Funding Agency

Project Duration

(From – To)

Project Location(s) Major Achievements
1 Fistula Project UNFPA 2005 – 2012 All over the country 1- Establishment of 7 regional & 7 referral centers for free treatment of fistula2- >2600 patients treated with success rate of 92%3- 57 fistula surgeons were trained on the management of fistula4- >150 fistula pts were provided social integration and rehabilitation support5- >500 community midwives were t rained on BEmONC including prevention of obstetric fistula
Dissemination of PDHS finding in public sector medical institutes in Pakistan. TACMIL/ USAID 2009 All over the country 1- 1.19 public health medical universities were targeted2- 2, 4450 medical professionals were aware on MDGs
3 NIASG Training on NIASG kits TACMIL/ USAID 2009 – 2010 All over the country 1- 4-Training workshops in 4 province on use of NIASG2- 199 HCP were trained all over the country
4 POUZN project social marking of zinc for management of diarrheal disease in childrenTable Cell Abt. associates 2010 Sindh & Punjab province Total of 888 general physicians were trained on the role of zinc in the management of diarrhea in children
5 Competency Based Training workshops UNFPA 2011-2012 Sindh 550 Community midwives from Quetta, Peshawar, Dadu, Larkan, Sukkur, Jacobabad, Hyderabad Karachi and Nawabshah districts were trained on prevention of postpartum complications including genital tract fistula.
6 Tutors Training Program for Nurses and Midwives GSK  & PNFWH (GSK support for initial three batches and after that PNFWH itself bear the expenses) 2008-continue All over the country Total 150 nursing and midwifery tutors were trained through 5 batches (of 30 each) from all over Pakistan. One batch of 10 is under end of training.
7 Nutrition Project UNICEF 2011-2013 UNICEF 2011-2013 Taluka Khipro, district Sanghar ( 9 UCs ) About 41000 children were screened, 2000 severely acute malnourished children were treated, 5000 were dewormed while 15000 pregnant women were screened and provided MM  supplementations
8  Humanitarian Project ( MSU for the provision of BEmONC services) at 2 flood affected districts of Sindh UNFPA  Oct 2012 to Jan 2013 District Jacobabad and Kashmore antenatal, 893 post natal and 184 delivery were conducted while 50 high risk cases were referred to tertiary care setup for Caesarian sections and comprehensive health care services services
9 Nurse Aid Training Programme US Consulate 2012 – 2013 Karachi In progress
25 females  are under training to help health care providers in the provision of basic health care services and  to create health awareness in the community
10 Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage with Misoprostol USAID 2013-2014 Sindh & Baluchistan Just started

2000 health care providers will be trained on the prevention and treatment of PPH with Misoprostol